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The Pocket Paderewski Recordings

Edward Cahill
Private Cape Town Studio Recordings of Liszt and Chopin (1955)
Re-Mastered by Selene Records Poland
Pitch-corrected by Jonathan Summers, Curator of Classical Music at the British Library

(Author’s Private Collection)

Edward Cahill Edward Cahill seated in the front row on the left of Princess Alice
Edward Cahill (1885-1975)   Edward Cahill (front row, left of HRH Princess Alice) during a private Mayfair piano recital at the home of the Dowager Lady Swaythling, ‘Jubilee Concert’, London
June 30 1935

Rare recording by Edward Cahill’s musical partner George Brooke
My Love Parade from the American musical comedy film The Love Parade
Peasant Love Song from the film Married in Hollywood
Columbia Records 1928
(Permission from National Sound & Film Archive Australia)

George Brooke George Brooke George Brooke
George Brooke (1886-1930)        

Fragment of 16 mm film of Edward Cahill performing in 1947 at the re-opening ceremony of the Teatro Romano
Ventimiglia in Liguria on the French-Italian border
A gesture of reconciliation between Italy and Britain after WW II

Uncle Eddie at the Teatro Romano Ventimiglia 1947

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